Taxpayers Must Validate Identities When Calling the IRS:

In a news release, the IRS reminds taxpayers that they will be required to validate their identities when contacting IRS call centers. If the matter involves a personal tax account, the taxpayer must have the following ready: (1) Social Security numbers and birth dates for those listed on the tax return; (2) an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for those without a Social Security number; (3) filing status; (4) prior-year tax return; and (5) a copy of the tax return in question. If the taxpayer receives a Letter 4883C regarding a suspicious tax return, the process may be expedited by having a copy of the letter, the prior-year tax return, the current-year return (if filed), and any supporting documents for each year’s return. News Release IR 2017-32 .