How large is Islip + Company?

Our Sacramento CPA firm currently has a staff of 5 audit, tax, consulting and administrative professionals.

How long has Islip + Company been around?

Between Lloyd and Patrick, there has been an Islip providing accounting services in Sacramento Since 1958. We are celebrating 52 years in public accounting.

What is Islip + Company’s mission?

Our mission is two-fold – dedication to our clients and to our staff. Islip + Company Sacramento CPA we are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional service available to our clients. We know that our dedicated and committed staff of accounting, tax, business consulting and administrative personnel is the key to our past and future success. Our accounting consultants strive to provide challenges, opportunities and rewards to our staff.

What services does Islip +Company provide and specialize in?

Our accounting and consulting firm provides assurance and accounting, tax compliance and consulting, and strategic and business consulting services to a wide variety of clients in and around Sacramento, California.

The following is a brief list of the services we offer to our clients. Click on any of the titles for further information:

  • Advisory
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Labor Organization
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Payroll
  • Political Reporting
  • Retirement Plans
  • Taxes
  • Wealth Management

Does Islip + Company specialize in certain industries?

Yes, because we want to provide exceptional service, our accounting consultants focus our expertise and resources on the following industries:

Labor Organizations
Our Labor Organization auditing, accounting and consulting practice focuses on Labor Unions throughout the region extending to the BayArea, Sacramento and San Joquin Valley, helping them all with their regulatory issues.

Non-Profit Organizations
Our Non-Profit service more than 100 clients in the not-for-profit sector include teachers associations, trade associations. human services providers, schools, private foundations, charitable organizations and other similar groups. We understand the unique characteristics and issues of the nonprofit sector and leverage our experience and expertise to serve these clients.

Employee Benefits
We are known throughout the Sacramento Area as specialists in the area of employee benefits 401(k) auditors.

Political Reporting Service
There are only a few professional consultants including our CPA firm that provide this service. It is difficult, time consuming and the due dates are tight and the regulators show no quarter towards client errors. We do excellent in this treacherous area.

Wealth Management Manufacturers
If you’re still using a stock broker or a financial advisors you better ask yourself why. If you’re doing it yourself you must be unemployed and have lots of time to manage your financial empire. Should you want a fresh direction and a better quarterback while you remain the coach give us a call and see the difference for yourself.

We all pay taxes, including ourselves. Our number one goal…to help you pay your legal minimum as your maximum tax you’ll ever pay.

Self Employed – Schedule C filers
You have a target on your back. The IRS is after you like no other. We know it they know if and you can thank turbo tax for making it so. You are the low hanging fruit that the IRS is going to pick to help balance the federal budget. We know it and we have helped many self-employed get out of the cross hairs of the IRS with little to know damage. If we prepared the return being examined quite often we come out clean.

Corporations, S-Corporations
The breadth of our experience allows us to help corporations and their owners maximize their opportunities from incorporating with fresh strategies and tax savings, pushing the envelope a bit to arrive at an aggressive yet defensible position.

By partnering with Islip + Company, Sacramento Certified Public Accounts we are going to help you with your needs. “A good CPA should save you more than they cost you” and we can fulfill that promise to you in all of these sectors.

Is Islip + Company affiliated with any accounting associations?

Yes, our Sacramento CPA firm is a member of AICPA, California Society of CPAS and International Employee Benefits Foundations.
Our Sacramento accountants and CPA’s are also members of many local and regional associations related to the various industries that we specialize in, from the construction industry groups in the nonprofit, healthcare, and many others.

What differentiates Islip + Company?

Our business philosophy is summed up in a single word – service. Our primary goal is to help clients achieve superior profitability by being proactive and creative. The value our accounting consultants add to a client’s business is reflected in their bottom line. Partner involvement is stressed to ensure our clients receive exceptional service. We take pride in our sense of urgency, responding to clients’ needs in a timely, professional manner. If you are looking for a partner to provide innovative business solutions, Islip + Company Sacramento CPA can make a difference.

What is the Career Track at Islip +C ompany?

Work in a variety of industries while you develop a service niche in our non profit audit group.  In the Islip + Company Sacramento CPA  non profit Audit group you will work on a variety of engagements within the nonprofit environment. You will grow into the role of a business consultant/advisor to your clients and will be exposed to and involved in business and management consulting early in your career.

Specialize in taxation while working in a variety of industries and developing an industry or service niche. You will grow into the role of a business consultant/advisor to your clients and will be exposed to and involved in business and management consulting early in your career.

What is Islip + Company CPA’s culture?

Are you interested in a fast-paced career in a dynamic and growing learning environment? At Islip + Company Sacramento CPA, our staff’s professional development is a priority. We know that it is the key for your development and the growth of the Firm. By encouraging a continuous learning environment through training (both formal classroom and on-the-job), continuing professional education, mentoring and feedback programs,

Does Islip + Company Sacramento Certified Public Accountants hire experienced professionals as well?

Yes, we have opportunities for experienced professionals in our Audit, Tax and Consulting.

What benefits does Islip + Company offer?

At Islip + Company Sacrameto CPA, we pay above the going rate and near the highest salaries in our profession in the Sacramento Area and we offer a competitive benefits package, including health and dental insurance, company-paid life, short and long-term disability, matching 401(k), vacation and we are very cool people to work with…We are not your typical accountants!

How much training and professional education does Islip + Company provide?

At Islip + Company Sacramento CPA, our technical positions, we strive to offer 100+ continuing professional education hours through a combination of internal and external training. Our training curriculum encompasses staff-level, technical and industry specific, software and management training opportunities.

Does Islip + Company help with the CPA exam?

At Islip + Company Sacramento CPA, we’d take it for you if we could but we think you have a better shot at us passing it again. We give you time off to take the exam and we are flexible with work load and hours during your studying up to exam time. One of our previous employees actually administrates the Sacramento Becker review course.

Is Islip + Company growing?

We are careful with our growth strategy. Yes, we are growing, as the business world changes we too need to change and evolve with new skill sets to match the business climate. Bigger is not always better in accounting, as we have found out through experience. Our clients deserve first-hand knowledge of their financial matters of our professionals. They are not interested in revolving staff or training new accountants on the intricacies on their account. They want answers to their issues, fast, accurate and from their trusted financial advisor. That said, it is with great respect for our client that we add only the best and incorporate them into our family, encouraging them to know and understand each client. Our Sacramento CPA firm has been in the same location since 1991. We are always looking to add top quality, motivated people to our staff of dedicated Sacramento accountants and business consultants.

Find out how our expertise can add value to your business.

Islip + Company Sacramento CPA offer personalized service to help you with these issues. Since 1958, we have successfully worked with the IRS and the FTB helping our clients stay in compliance of the tax laws and pay the minimum amount due. We are able to deliver premium service nearly anywhere…without premium pricing. “It’s not just about the numbers… it’s what’s behind the numbers that counts”. Give us a call or send us an email 916-488-1900 Sacramento email to TaxHelp@Islip.net.