Have you ever heard someone say they aren’t good at math? That numbers really aren’t their thing? What they are really saying is that they don’t speak the language of numbers. Just like a foreign language, you must learn the parts and participles of any language before you can become proficient in speaking it.

At Islip + Company we are not only proficient but fluent in the language of numbers. We are capable of interpreting the data that is your financial transactions and gleaning from that data the reports and advice you need to make responsible choices that will advance your financial holdings. Your finances are comprised of raw data that make up the daily transactions in your life. Reports are assembled from this data and they are summarizations that give an overall snapshot of your finances. Often interpretations of these reports are needed. This is why financial advisory services are very important.

Capital Gains and Losses

Advisory services are basically consulting services; we listen to what our clients have to say without an agenda. After we have heard your concerns we proceed to diagnosis and then we get to help be a part of your solution. An accountant will sit down with you and go over the data you have gathered. Based on the reports garnered from your data and your financial goals we will work with you to develop a strategy and plan of action that is customized for you. You are not required by law to take our advice but you would be wise to heed it. Our Sacramento financial advisors have been thoroughly educated and they are experts at knowing what lays ahead if you continue down the wrong path.

Ultimately, your satisfaction is our goal! We are passionate about providing our clients with the best financial advice and we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams.

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