At Islip + Company, we specialize in payroll processing services for the greater Sacramento business community. This includes salaries, wages, bonus/commissions, overtime, taxes, and employer paid benefits. Payroll can be a very complex task fraught with many challenges and difficulties. Having a reputable firm like ours assist you with this portion of your business will help to make life less stressful and more enjoyable.

Our payroll processing service in Sacramento has been calculating and preparing payroll reports decades before systems like Paychex and QuickBooks were even created. We ensure accurate calculations and check preparation. We are able to perform complete payroll processing including check writing and disbursement.


We also specialize in payroll computation and filing. We will improve the reliability and accuracy of your payroll processing. We stay abreast of the latest tax rates and regulatory bulletins. We can be responsible for making all W-4 and personal information changes. We are capable of processing your company’s W-2’s at the beginning of the year and we are competent in creating 941’s, 940’s, and 1099’s. We can create final paychecks including calculating termination pay that includes unused vacation time or severance pay.

Islip + Company Sacramento payroll processing service is skilled in managing after deductions like medical insurance, life insurance, wage garnishments, or retirement contributions. We always back up your data. We will get your federal and state taxes filed and ensure that you do not pay more than you owe. We also offer to review your past filings and/or quarterly payments.

As you can see we offer a wide variety of payroll processing services. Leave these services in the hands of a professional team and concentrate your efforts on your core business.

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