Sample Board of Directors Commitment Form

Every Nonprofit Organization needs to maintain an active WhistleBlower Policy as part of the operating documents of the Organization.  This is one of the big 3 changes required by the Internal Revenue Service.  Islip + Company  specializes in nonprofit auditing, accounting and advising in Northern California.



I, ________________________________ (please print) agree to the following during my tenure on the Organization’s board:

Participation in board meetings

Attend and actively participate in all eight (8) meetings, except in case of family or business emergency.  By-laws call for meeting with Board President after missing three (3) consecutive board meetings. After three (3) non-consecutive board meetings missed you will be contacted by the governance committee.

Make personal contribution agreed upon at beginning of year. Participate in general campaign as outlined by development committee for each year. Make contact with at least 3 donor/corporate contacts.

Committee participation

Attend and participate on at least one committee/work group.



Attend annual board retreat, except in case of family or business emergency.

Board Development
Nominate at least one viable board candidate or work group participant annually.


Notification and Response (on-going)

It is every board member’s responsibility to stay in touch with the staff. If someone phones, faxes or emails you for information, it is your responsibility to respond in a timely and professional manner.


I enthusiastically agree to participate in all the above board activities.




Signed                                                                                                             date